Contest 2018 Heading

Florida Scenic Highways Program Photo Contest

  • Part 1 | March 15 – May 15
  • Part 2 | June 1 – Aug. 15
  • Part 3 | Sept. 1 – Nov. 15

Submissions will be judged based on focus, lighting, composition, and relevance to byways. Four winners will be announced after final entries are received for each part of the contest. Winning photos will be in the 2019 FSHP Calendar, and will be showcased on the Florida Scenic Highways Program website and social media. Winners get 12 free passes to the Florida State Parks, and 10 copies of the final printed calendar.


  • More weight will be given in judging to images that include the byway itself. Many byways run through
    charming downtowns and provide unique vistas. Photos featuring recreation, culture, wildlife and natural beauty along byway areas are also encouraged.
  • Images must be a minimum of 4000 x 3000 pixels in JPG format with no visible watermarks. If the file is less than 4 MB, the image may be too small for inclusion in the printable calendar.
  • Photo must be taken by the person submitting the entry. Please name the photo file by: photographer last name_title_byway. Just enough of the byway name to tell which is meant – for example: “Jones_bear_FBBSB” or “Smith_motorcyling_Scenic A1A”
  • The same photo can be submitted in more than one contest phase, but can only win once.
  • Unlimited entries are permitted, since all photos entered help us promote Florida Scenic Highways.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • The photo contest is closed to FDOT (Florida Dept. of Transportation) employees, their family members, and FDOT consultants.
  • A photo release form is available on the website (see link at the bottom of this page.) This form is only needed for shots with close recognizable shots of people. Please name your form the same as your photo + “form” and email it to [email protected]. This form is not required for group/crowd photos in pubic or images where the people are unrecognizable. The forms are intended to encourage portraits of people having fun along the byways.
  • See the map on the front of the website for all general byway locations. See the galleries for each byway at for great examples of the kind of images that can be captured along a byway. Some photos featured are from our last photo contest. Each byway page on the FSHP site has an interactive map that can orient you to each location.


The final 12 winning images will be featured in the 2019 Florida Scenic Highways Calendar and recognized on the FSHP website. Each winning photographer will receive 12 day passes to Florida State Parks, and 10 copies of the printed calendar. Winners in each category will be contacted after each category of this contest ends, and FSHP and FDOT will showcase the photos on social media.


By submitting an image to this contest, the photographer grants full permission to FDOT to use the image in online galleries or other FDOT promotional materials. Artists grant usage as stated without further compensation. The photographer retains the copyright to their images for use by another party.

Questions?  Contact Stephanie Liskey at [email protected]