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01 Fshp Meeting 011

The Florida Department of Transportation Scenic Highways Program Leadership Team, from right to left: Paul Hiers, FDOT State Production Support Engineer, Claudia Calzarreta (D5 District Scenic Highways Coordinator – DSHC), Roger Roscoe (D7 DSHC), Janice Charles (D2 DSHC), Dean Stoddart (State Scenic Highways Coordinator), Larry Wallace (D4 DSHC), Daniel Kastelic (Turnpike DSHC), and, Kevin Schot (D6 DSHC).

Welcome to the Guy Harvey Resort for the 2022 FSHP Statewide Meeting & the National Scenic Byway Foundation (NSBF) Byway Leader Training

02 Intro

Dean Stoddart gives his welcome to NSBF and to the FSHP community.

The Florida Scenic Highways Program (FSHP) was excited to host our Annual Statewide Meeting on March 29, 2022 as part of the “Building Better Byways” conference developed in partnership with National Scenic Byway Foundation (NSBF) and A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway.

03 Dani

Dani Anderson, Program Administrator of A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal byway, says a few words of welcome while Dean Stoddart looks on

The entire Florida Byway Community was invited, and we had approximately 70 people attend, filling the main ballroom at the Guy Harvey Resort in St. Augustine Beach, Florida.

On the evening of March 28, early birds gathered for a reception at the outdoor tiki bar, and Dean Stoddart, the new Florida Scenic Highways Program State Coordinator, representatives of A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal byway, Mark Falzone of Scenic America, and Sharon Strouse, Executive Director of the National Scenic Byway Foundation gave welcome speeches, and discussed the upcoming nationwide federal funding opportunities.

04 MarkF

Mark Falzone of Scenic America speaks about the Nationwide Grant opportunities.

05 Sharon

Sharon Strouse, Executive Director of NSBF, introduces herself and speaks about the new funding opportunities.

2022 FSHP Annual Statewide Meeting

06 Dean Intro

FSHP State Coordinator Dean Stoddart welcoming the Florida Scenic Highways Community to the Statewide Meeting

The group was welcomed by Dean Stoddart, the FSHP State Coordinator and State Landscape Architect. The day was packed with presentations on various topics connected to the Florida Scenic Highways, starting with a welcome to the City of St. Augustine by Christina Parrish-Stone, the Executive Director of the St. Johns Cultural Council, one of A1A Scenic & Historic’s champions and partners.

07 Christina

Christina Parrish-Stone, Executive Director of the St. Johns Cultural Council

Other key presentations included:

08 Claudia

Claudia Calzaretta, FDOT District 5 Scenic Highways Coordinator, presenting “How to: Byway Economics”

Claudia Calzaretta, D5 Coordinator, spoke about the power of Byway Economic Studies, and leveraging them to promote byways. Claudia highlighted significant studies performed by FDOT District Five for River of Lakes Heritage Corridor and Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway.

09 Dawn

Dawn Cary of Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway, presenting “How to Create Byway Leaders of the Future”

10 Nancy Duke

Dr. Nancy Duke of the Heritage Crossroads: Miles of History byway organization and Daytona State College, also presenting the topic “How to Create Byway Leaders of the Future”

Dawn Cary of Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway and Dr. Nancy Duke of Heritage Crossroads: Miles of History & Daytona State College spoke in turn about How to Create the Byway Leaders of the Future, with examples from their own experience of recruiting the next generation to support their community’s byways.

11 Fshp Meeting 009

For the Partnership and Possibilities Panel, Dean Stoddart facilitated a discussion with Kathie Beck (left) from the Department of State and Britney Moore (right), of the FDEP/Office of Greenways and Trails, as well as member of the Scenic Highways Advisory Committee (SHAC).

Maree Forbes, Ph. D and Managing Director of the National Travel Center made a presentation during lunch time.

The quarterly Scenic Highways Advisory Committee (SHAC) meeting was conducted by Dean Stoddart with the participation of Brian Telfair from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Britney Moore from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

There was also a Grants Update conducted by Dean Stoddart, with the spontaneous participation of Sharon Strouse, Executive Director of NSBF, Mark Falzone from Scenic America, and Mike Palozzi, FSHP consultant support.

The Statewide Meeting was a great opportunity for the FSHP Community to meet again after two years of hiatus due to COVID19, and re-energize the Program with its members.

12 Karen

Karen Ford, FSHP consultant support, presented on “How to Conduct Relevant Meetings”.

13 Fshp Meeting 002

Claudia Calzaretta, DSHC for D5, speaks about her district’s byways during the Roundtable.

In the afternoon, Dean Stoddart facilitated the “Roundtable Byway Introductions” and reviewed FSHP priorities before closing the Statewide Meeting, as the group headed to the historic celebration of A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway for the one-in-a-lifetime ceremony of the All-American Road ribbon cutting!

FSHP Annual Meeting Agenda

FSHP Meeting Gallery