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What is the Florida Scenic Highways Program?

The Florida Scenic Highways Program was established to showcase the outstanding intrinsic resources (cultural, historic, archaeological, recreational, natural and scenic) that can be found along Florida’s highway system.

Our byway collection includes 26 state designated scenic highways. Of these, five are further designated at a federal level as National Scenic Byways, and the Florida Keys Scenic Highway is the only byway in Florida designated as an All American Road.

The program is a grass-roots effort to heighten awareness of these resources which enhance the overall traveling experience in Florida. Program participation provides benefits to the community, such as resource preservation, enhancement and protection.

Anyone with an interest in their community can participate in this program, including citizens, civic groups, businesses and governments. To learn about becoming a byway, benefits, intrinsic resources, and much more, explore FSHP Community/Becoming a Byway on this site.


Help Florida communities deliver high-quality experiences to visitors.


The Florida Scenic Highways Program promotes economic development, enhances quality of life, and conserves important resources.

Media Kit

Here are some downloadable materials about the Florida Scenic Highway Program.

FSHP Logos for Print

These logos are intended for use by associated organizations, byway organizations, or media writing about the program. If you are not a byway organization or “Associated Florida Resource” on our page, please contact us to let us know you want to connect, and if you are doing a piece on us, we will look into promoting it on our blog! Using the logo in any other way is not permitted.

FSHP Logos for Web

These logos are meant to be used by people who want to share a link to the Florida Scenic Highways program on their website.

FSHP Rack Card

This is the rack card we put out at visitor centers. Byways and anyone else who wants to promote byways should feel free to provide a digital link to this document for download on their own sites.

FSHP Annual Reports Starting in 2014

These annual reports can help anyone looking for more in-depth information about recent developments at FSHP. Please follow our Byway Buzz online blog for current updates about byway events and progress. The 2014 Annual report contains overview information about all the byways that year, and is a helpful reference for people looking for a quick overview of each byway.

FSHP 2018 Photo Contest Calendar

We ran a contest in three phases in 2018 to celebrate the beauty of Florida Scenic Highways. This time FDOT Safety designed and produced the printed calendar. Below is a link to the PDF version of the calendar.


Please visit the Photo and Video galleries for great visual information. Downloading of the photos on this site is not permitted, as the rights to all photos revert to the photographers, and in the case of Visit Florida, the photos are strictly for editorial use on this site, and re-using them for any purpose is forbidden.
Some byway photos may be made available at request for certain promotional uses. Please do not assume and re-use any photos on the site without permission.


Feel free to re-share any video link on this site for the purpose of promoting the byway regions, and explore individual byway sites if they have a custom story video loaded, because many of them have extensive YouTube galleries on their sites which permit (and encourage) the sharing of social media-sized videos (many are cut down to be under 2 minutes, which is ideal for social sharing.)

Contact Us

Questions or comments? The Florida Scenic Highways Program would love to hear from you. Let us know if you have suggestions for the Florida Scenic Highway Program’s website that would make it more useful to you in the future.

If you notice a technical issue with this website, please put “technical” as part of the subject line.

If you are a member of a byway organization, please see our FSHP Program Contacts page to find the best person to answer your questions about guidance and byway program administration issues.