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Another Year of Successful Cow Chip Bingo on Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway

By October 27, 2017June 21st, 2021No Comments
Scenic Sumter Hosts Cowchip Bingo

Scenic Sumter Hosts Cowchip Bingo

On Saturday, October 21, the Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway hosted their yearly Cow Chip Bingo at the Bushnell Fall Festival at the Kenny Dixon Sports Complex in Bushnell, FL. This fundraiser raises $500 for the byway and awards the winner(s) up to $500.00. This year we had two winners splitting the prize.

Sponsors of this event include Black Kow Fertilizer, Webster Farm Supply, City of Webster and City of Bushnell. Hunter, a 4H student provided his steer, Erebus, as our pooper!
This interesting part about this event, other than the poop on a bingo spot, is that Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway established a partnership with Black Kow Fertilizer, a local company. Black Kow distributes lawn garden fertilizer throughout the Sumter County.

After pooping on the marks, Erebus the cow escaped from the pen and had to be chased down the road for capture. Never a dull moment at this beloved annual event!

Learn more about Scenic Sumter Scenic Highway on our website, where you can find maps, photos, and an overview of the byway.