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District Five Roadside Chats

By January 12, 2022No Comments
District 5 Roadside Chats

A Way to Stay Connected in Challenging Times

FDOT District Five Scenic Highway Coordinator, Claudia Calzaretta, hosted a series of virtual “Roadside Chats” in 2020-21 as a way to draw members of the byway community closer during unprecedented times. The series provided a valuable exchange for byways in 2020-21. There was never a charge to attend, and the chats were open-invitation to all Florida byways, and to all persons with interest as well.

These monthly chats touch upon topics and issues of importance to the Florida Scenic Highways. While live “Roadside Chats” will take a hiatus in the coming year, everyone is invited to view the recorded sessions on YouTube at: Central Florida Scenic Byways – YouTube. Each Roadside Chat includes a 15 to 20 minute presentation followed by a 10 to 15 minute question and answer period.

The goal of the Roadside Chats is to encourage byway interaction and partnership.

Roadside Chat Byways

The Roadside Chats involved participation from all District Five Byways.

Explore the Roadside Chats 2020-21 Collection

Get inspired, whether you are currently volunteering with byways, or just want to explore Florida’s local historic, archaeological, natural, scenic, recreational and cultural resources that byways promote and protect!

November 2020 | Great Florida Birding & Wildlife Trail

December 2020 | Florida Paddling Trails

February 2021 | Scenic America Update, Mark Falzone

March 2021 | The Florida Black Bear, Janelle Musser

April 2021 | East Central Florida Multiuse Trails, Maggie Ardito

May 2021 | Florida Wildflower Program, Lisa Roberts

June 2021 | Lindsey Morrison w/ the Humanities Council

June 2021 | Plants for Birds, Melissa Lammers

October 2021 | History of Florida Railroads, Phil Cross

For more information on Roadside Chats or future topics, please contact Claudia Calzaretta at Cl****************@do*.us