Becoming a Byway

Benefits of Designation

Improved Quality of Life for Florida Communities

Seeking scenic highway designation can provide a catalyst for the development of a community vision. In the early 1990’s, the National Scenic Byways Program and the Florida Scenic Highways Program were created not just to promote the “scenic route,” but to offer local communities an opportunity to engage in a planning process that helps shape the future of their communities. The designation process allows communities to identify and develop strategies to help manage resources that are important to maintaining a sense of place, authenticity, and strong tourism economy.

Resource protection

Resource protection is also a benefit of becoming a Florida Scenic Highway. Designation provides the opportunity to preserve, protect, enhance and maintain the intrinsic resources identified by communities as significant, exceptional and distinctive to a particular region, and ensure that these resources remain for future generations to enjoy.

Economic Impact

The most direct economic benefit for scenic highway communities is through increased tourism. Currently, millions of tourists visit Florida each year. Once here, nearly all will travel on roads. Scenic highways offer these visitors, as well as Florida residents, alternative routes to travel throughout the State. The ability of a visitor to experience a place as if being given a tour by a local resident and hearing the stories behind traditions, foods, and places is what makes visiting a byway a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Only Florida Scenic Highways can offer this product! Byway visitors increase the demand for tourist-oriented businesses such as recreational tours, lodging, restaurants, gas stations, bike shops, and outfitters.


Florida Scenic Highways are included on statewide maps and promotional materials such as brochures and the program website. The posting of official Florida Scenic Highway logo signage along the designated highways identifies the corridors as “special places” with important resources. The Florida Scenic Highways Program continues to identify ways to effectively promote the state’s collection of designated corridors.